Last night I noticed that if I look out my bedroom window at night, I can see the Milky Way curving over my house. How awe inspiring is that?

I sat on my bed, with my covers wrapped around me, and stared at the stars. How can things millions of light years away make me so happy?
Did you know that all the elements on Earth were made inside stars, long, long ago? In a galaxy far, far away? It’s true. Little sub-atomic particles are fused together inside stars to make bigger particles, which can fuse to make bigger ones, and even bigger ones. Not that interstate highways or houses are made this way. But the minerals to make the rocks to make the houses are made inside of stars. And so are the elements you’re made of.
Maybe it was some feeling deep inside me that I came from stars like those that made me so happy as I stared at them. Or maybe it’s just because they are so dang pretty.
Whatever it is, I’m glad they’re out there. I’m glad we can see them. And I’m glad I was awake and happened to look out my window. Isn’t it amazing that all of us (at least all of us in the northern hemisphere) can see the same stars? They make me feel connected to the universe– to everyone and everything in it.
Do you have a favorite star? Can you see them from your house? Or do you need to get away from town to see them? Where is your favorite place to see the distant universe?