In case you haven’t yet heard, my son Josh and his roommates pranked my sister Sadie’s apartment at BYU on Easter Sunday.  And filmed it.  When they went to bed last night the video had 4,000 views. They woke up this morning to over 8,000 views and a request for an interview from a news station in Detroit.

Want to see it?
Click the picture to be taken to the video!  =D
Josh and his roommates are working on making Lord of the Rings cereal commercials this summer, and have each individually made several YouTube videos already. (An apartment full of film majors- what would we expect? Never mind that this was the week before finals…  =))  Look at my Happy YouTube Videos page to find a link to Josh’s individual videos, called Steve & staN (and lots of other great stuff!)
Happy viewing!  And to Josh, Nate, Adam and David– Awesome job!!!  =D