I have been running like an insane person lately.  (Perhaps this says something about me?)

I have had busy times in my life before.  But for me, working, going to school, being a single mom, homeschooling, painting sets, closing on a house and new legal investigations all at the same time kind of put me over the edge.

During all this, I was getting up earlier so I could be out the door earlier, so I could get more done.

Let the race of insanity begin!

And I started forgetting to have family prayer in the morning.

Then, coming home at 10 pm (or later), eating a slice of bread for dinner and remembering I hadn’t put the clothes in the wash yet, I started forgetting to have evening prayers.

And my stress level went up.  Too much running. Running.  Running!

When I decided something had to change, I knew family prayer had to be the first thing.  Life was too complicated– so I needed to add one more thing.  Crazy, huh?  But it’s like sprinkling salt on my dinner.  It brings out the best flavors.  Unlike salt, it actually lowers my blood pressure.  It’s a little thing that has made a big difference.

Not that it had been a long time without family prayer, and not that we never had it.  It was just happening less and less.

I began getting my kids out of bed before I left, or making them wait a minute before they left in the morning.  I set an alarm for evening prayers.  (Because ADD is real.  So God created iPhones. Or inspired others to create them.)

Life didn’t slow down.  I’m still running.  Running.  Running!

But I feel more peaceful.  More calm.  More happy.

Something shifted and the universe fell a little more into place.