There are some things everyone should read.


I’ve spoken to several School groups, parents’ groups, and others around the country about how to help kids love books.  I’ve published articles and have written (and am hoping to publish!) young adult novels.  I truly believe anyone can develop a love of books.  One great thing you can do to help is to make reading fun. Read bedtime stories- even to your teens. (Who wouldn’t be happy to hear a chapter of an amazing novel each night?) Give books as birthday presents. Let your kids see you reading and hear you talking about how amazing your book is.  Pretty soon they’ll be begging for a piece of the action.  =)  Be sure to visit my other book recommendation pages as well!
Scriptures and Scripture Story Books

The sooner you start reading scriptures, the more they will understand and enjoy them.  When they are very young, I recommend reading a story from a scripture picture book, then reading the “original” so they learn to understand the language of the scriptures.  I also recommend incorporating holy books from other cultures and religions. They all contain great things we can learn, and wonderful ideas to discuss.


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  • The Story of the World
            History as you’ve never encountered it before! Written to be read aloud to elementary aged children, this series just tells story after story of real people and the awesome things they did.  I thought history was boring till I read these and said, “Oh! Is that why that matters? Ah ha! Now I get it!”  Better than an AP World History course, because you’ll enjoy and remember it.  =)  (I’ve included the link to all 4 volumes, shown here in order.)
Books of Poetry
    • A Child’s Garden of Verses  by Robert Louis Stevenson
    • Now We Are Six  by A.A. Milne
  • Poetry For Young People  Series by various authors, although really, poetry is for everyone. This series merges beautiful artwork and classic poetry in ways that will captivate anyone.
Non-Fiction Picture Books 
(DK Eyewitness, nonfiction picture books and similar– on all subjects)
It’s amazing how much everyone can learn by reading one non-fiction book a week! Next time you’re at the library, grab a few non-fiction picture books! It only takes a few minutes to read them and you’ll learn cool things!
  • Shakespeare Picture Books by Bruce Coville (author of the Goosebumps series)  and
  • Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb
    Retellings of Shakespeare’s best-loved stories, written for children.  Why not read A Midsummer Night’s Dream for bedtime stories?