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Rebecca is a writer, 

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and coach.

She brings personal insights, humor, and a wealth of experience to every engagement. 

Rebecca’s specialties include

Business Consulting. Discover the most effective strategies for success in your business. Rebecca conducts expert analysis and helps you understand what strategies to employ to achieve the greatest possible success.

Resilency training for groups and individuals. Discover how you can always comes out on top, no matter what life tosses your way.

Personal Coaching. Your personal strengths are already within you. Learn to direct them in the ways that will bring you the greatest possible joy and personal success.

Speaking engements. Rebecca speaks to businesses, schools, book clubs, youth groups, and educators on a variety of inspirational and motivational topics. See Speaking Engagements below for scheduling and further details.  

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Something to Struggle With

"[God] is the best writer, too," Gabriel said to me. "Why's that?" I asked. "Because he gives every good writer something to struggle with and try to work out by writing down. That's genius." - John Corey Whaley, in Where Things Come Back Mike McCune When I was...

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Holding Hands

A friend said recently that he could understand my wanting someone's hand to hold as I sit in church.  I've thought a lot about the truths and lesser lies in that statement, and I'd like to share what I really want. Tim Parkinson on Flickr Tonight my daughter...

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This is Rabat

I'm writing from Morocco, from the capital city of Rabat. This is where I attended and graduated from high school, where I became aware of international politics, where I discovered chocolate crepes and brochettes (grilled, spiced shish kabobs), where I learned...

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Retro Shock, Springtime, and Stealing Lilacs

Peter informed me the other day that he would let all his kids get iPhones. And I laughed. When I told him his kids might not even know what an iPhone was he was incredulous. The conversation went something like this: Peter: Why wouldn't they know what an iPhone is?...

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6 Things I’ve Learned from Being Sick

I've spent the past week on the couch with a box of tissues and not enough energy to make it to the bathroom without stopping to rest along the way. Mostly I've slept through this sickness, but when I've been awake and not coughing I've picked up a few little life...

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This is 45 and Single. Again.

I recently read a blog post titled This is 45 by Emily Mendell. She did a beautiful job describing life in so many ways and inspired me to reflect on my own life. And so my friends, this is 45 and single. Again. 45 and single again is the detour in life that catches...

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Waiting for Superman

A friend whose opinion I value recently expressed that he's tired of girl power stories.  To be honest, I hadn't noticed that they were prolific. But after he mentioned it, I took a look at my favorite books and movies and saw a definite trend.  Girls are...

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Learning to Fly

We've just finished the holidays, with Christmas trees, parties, gifts and well-wishes for the new year.  All while wars have raged in Syria, South Sudan and other places, including, sometimes, our own homes. When people pray for "Peace on Earth," it brings to...

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Coming Back to October

And then, suddenly, it was October. I honestly hadn't noticed. Or, maybe I just hadn't thought about it. School started again. The leaves up in the canyon turned so bright we couldn't help but stare at them from the valley. And pumpkins suddenly appeared in fields...

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Crossing the Line in American Politics

I'm going to take a wild guess that most of us in the US are feeling frustrated with the freakishly bi-polar state of American politics right about now. I'd like to offer three suggestions to get American back on track. They all involve crossing the line. First, a...

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