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Rebecca is a writer, 

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and coach.

She brings personal insights, humor, and a wealth of experience to every engagement. 

Rebecca’s specialties include

Business Consulting. Discover the most effective strategies for success in your business. Rebecca conducts expert analysis and helps you understand what strategies to employ to achieve the greatest possible success.

Resilency training for groups and individuals. Discover how you can always comes out on top, no matter what life tosses your way.

Personal Coaching. Your personal strengths are already within you. Learn to direct them in the ways that will bring you the greatest possible joy and personal success.

Speaking engements. Rebecca speaks to businesses, schools, book clubs, youth groups, and educators on a variety of inspirational and motivational topics. See Speaking Engagements below for scheduling and further details.  

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Not Fearing China Anymore

I read a book recently called The Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi. It was one of the most well- written books I've read in a long time-- an intense page turner that combined believable characters with shocking situations, leaving me with something to think about...

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Butterfly Wings

Many years ago, I taught kindergarten at a private school. I had several memorable students, but one little girl stands out in my memory. I don't remember her name, but I remember her pictures. In those days, I wore colorful eyeshadow, and one afternoon she said,...

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Finding The Prince

Have you ever thought about the prince? He comes out of nowhere. No name. No history. Nothing. He is tall, dark, and handsome. Her savior. But she! She has a history in every sense. She's been abused, cursed, and nearly killed. She ran away from home as a teenager and...

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It’s Ok

It's like a mantra.  I find myself repeating it inside my head, over and over, when things are hard. "It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. (deep breath) It's going to be ok."  Like a constant drum beat behind everything I do. Last night I noticed a...

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Snowplows, Snowblowers, and Snow Shovels

Last year was the winter-light version, but never fear! This winter is going to make up for it. As I drive my kids to school in the morning, I am very aware, as we slide to a stop in the middle of the intersection,  that my little car does not have the best...

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A Tale of Two Toes

I have only ever broken two bones in my body: my right pinky toe and my left pinky toe. I broke my right pinky toe in February, 2000, two days before I was scheduled to fly to Ukraine to adopt two children.  I was walking out of the bathroom and caught my toe on...

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Are You A Mormon?

I have been a lot of things in my life. I've been called a saint, and have been spit on for being American. I've been slapped for being white, and kissed for being a girl. I've been seated beside an ambassador, and stood in line for food stamps. I've been admired as a...

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A few weeks ago I went to see Hunger Games (again) with my kids. It was opening day in the dollar theatre, and we got the last seats.  The movie had already started and after my eyes adjusted to the darkness I found seats for my kids-- one here, one there,...

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Free To Be Happy

The best things in life are free. It's true. America is a free country, and I think it's the best. Birds are happiest when they can fly through the air, rather than being trapped in small cages. (At least I assume they are. I have not actually conducted surveys.) And...

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What Not To Say

I really can't figure it out. Is life getting harder, or is it just my imagination? By jasminejennyjen  Fire, divorce, cancer, miscarriages and still-births, lost jobs-- and those are just within my circle of friends, within the past few weeks.  Is it...

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