Early Grade School- (for them to read to themselves)

These are easy-reader books for kids who are just getting excited about reading books on their own. They are also fun to read to older toddlers.


Books can make almost any stressful time happier.  

I’ve spoken to several School groups, Moms’ groups, and others around the country about how to help kids love books.  I’ve published some articles and have written (and am hoping to publish!) young adult novels.  I truly believe anyone can develop a love of books.  One great thing you can do to help is to make reading fun. Read bedtime stories- even to your teens.  (Who wouldn’t be happy to hear a chapter of an amazing novel each night?) Give books as birthday presents. Let your kids see you reading and hear you talking about how amazing your book is.  Pretty soon they’ll be begging for a piece of the action.  =)

The Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane

Wondrful classic early reader. Reporited for today’s very beginning readers.

*Frog and Toad  (all of them are wonderful)  by Arnold Lobel

            This is really for ALL ages.  Some of the best all-around books on this list. I honestly can’t imagine anyone, of any age, who wouldn’t love- and benefit from- these books.

Princess in Black series by Shannon Hale
Hillarious adventures of the princess who has a secret identity and is friends with the goat herder. Plenty of monsters, narrow escapes and daring adventures.
Commander Toad books  by Jane Yolen

The crew of Star Warts is off to explore the universe! Puns on Star Wars abound.  These books have boys laughing till they fall off their seats.

Nate the Great  by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

He solves mysteries, eats pancakes, and is fun to read.

Little Bear  by Elsa Holmelund Minarik

            Classic easy-to-read stories.

Big Max  by Kin Platt

            Short, very easy-to-read detective books

Danny and the Dinosaur  by Syd Hoff

One of the dinosaurs in the museum is alive, and decides to take a day off to play with Danny and his friends.

Charlotte’s Web by Olga and Aleksey Ivanov

The classic story retold for the earliest readers. The first is Wilbur finds a Friend, and the second is Wilbur’s Prize.

The Case of the Hungry Stranger  by Crosby Bonsall

Someone ate the blueberry pie– but who?

*Are You My Mother?  By P.D. Eastman
A little bird hatches while his mother is gone looking for food.  He sets out to find her, but has no idea what she looks like.  Short, easy, fun to read and wonderful.
Henry and Mudge  by Cynthia Rylant

            A series of books about a boy and his Mastiff dog

Cam Jansen  by David A. Adler

            Girl detective books.  Notice that some are “Young” Cam Jansen- thus for earlier readers.  There are many, many Cam Jansen book.  Young kids can get hooked.  =)


Amelia Bedilia  by Peggy Parish

            Classic stories, very easy to read about a lady who misunderstands everything. Kids will love being in on the jokes when she “dresses” the chicken, “draws” the curtains, and “dusts” the living room!


The Josefina Story Quilt  by Eleanor Coerr

            About a pioneer girl, her pet chicken and their travels west.

*Everyone should read Frog and Toad.  Yes, everyone.  =)